Wedding DJ?  2SoundProductions will be glad to provide all of the music for the wedding ceremony & reception.

  Our Wedding Reception Packages include a professional DJ, digital music played
  through one of our
quality sound systems, and our large library of music consisting
  of thousands of selections of all types of popular music from past to present! 
  Suggestions, Requests and Dedications are welcome! You are also free to use our
  wireless microphones and sound system for any
  "public address."

  Our wedding reception packages can be upgraded to have
  sound-activated lighting, bubble machines, fog machines,
  and/or mirror ball. Please let us know if you wish to have
  some or a lot of guest participation.  We have many games
  and gags we could perform that brings out the laughter and
  make great picture & video moments!

  We will personally meet with you to assist you in the music
  & entertainment coordination of your entire wedding day! 
  Our extensive library of ceremonial music will provide a
  personalized atmosphere for your ceremony – from solemn
  and sacred to festive and outrageous! We will work with
  you to help you choose the perfect musical selections for a
  memorable wedding day.


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